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Deeply Practical Project Management (Earn 16 PDUs)
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 209 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

209 Lessons (8h)

  • Your First Program

  • Downloads and Reporting PDU's

    Reporting PDU's To The PMI
  • Overview: Contents

    Overview: Contents Of Overview Chapter1:28
  • Overview: The PMI Framework

    Overview: The Project Management Institute1:56
    Overview: Project Definition1:25
    Overview: Program Definition2:32
    Overview: The Five PM Stages4:57
    Overview: The PM Knowledge Areas0:47
    Overview: Project Players2:29
    Overview: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Players0:46
  • Overview: Techniques & Tools

    Overview: Two Basic Project Management Techniques3:01
    Overview: Project Management Software Tools2:56
  • Overview: Strategic Plan

    Overview: The Link To The Strategic Plan2:10
    Overview: Exercise: Link To Your Strategic Plan0:49
  • Overview: The Triple Constraint

    Overview: The Triple Constraint5:53
  • Overview: Keys To Success

    Overview: Exercise: Project Success & Failure0:23
    Overview: The Standish Group Chaos Report2:19
    Overview: The Top 3 Drivers Of Project Success6:47
  • Overview: The Project Manager

    Overview: The Role Of The Project Manager2:41
    Overview: Project Manager Requirements3:02
    Overview: Communications Essentials6:12
    Overview: Team Formation2:12
    Overview: Team Foundations6:56
    Overview: Team Dynamics7:37
    Overview: Negotiation Essentials4:37
    Overview: Leadership Essentials2:56
    Overview: Exercise: Your Project Manager Development0:36
  • Overview: Chapter Summary

    Overview: Summary Checklist6:15
  • Initiation: Contents

    Overview: Summary Checklist1:49
  • Initiation: Introduction

    Initiation: The Purpose Of Initiation2:54
    Initiation: The Project Manager Role1:40
  • Initiation: The Sponsor & Customer

    Initiation: The Sponsor & Customer1:56
  • Initiation: Stakeholders

    Initiation: The Project Stakeholders2:20
    Initiation: Stakeholder Analysis1:23
    Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Stakeholders0:54
  • Initiation: The First Level Scope

    Initiation: The Project Objective3:54
    Initiation: Objective Process2:44
    Initiation: Assumptions & Constraints2:02
    Initiation: The Conceptual Solution0:59
    Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Initiation Scope0:51
  • Initiation: The Business Case

    Initiation: The Business Case3:12
    Initiation: The Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)3:48
    Initiation: Examples – Business Case BCR & ROI6:13
    Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Business Case0:41
  • Initiation: The Project Manager & Mandate

    Initiation: The Project Manager & Mandate1:42
  • Initiation: The Project Charter

    Initiation: The Project Charter2:55
    Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Charter0:49
  • Initiation: Chapter Summary

    Initiation: Summary Checklist1:56
  • Planning: Contents

    Planning: Contents Of Planning Chapter3:01
  • Planning: Introduction

    Planning: The Purpose Of Planning1:56
    Planning: One Page Planning Flowchart5:02
    Planning: The Core Project Team (CPT)1:25
    Planning: Exercise: Gather Your Core Project Team0:47
  • Planning: Requirements

    Planning: From Objective To Requirements2:47
    Planning: Requirements – A Long-Time Challenge0:59
    Planning: Example – Health System0:34
    Planning: Importance Of Requirements1:59
    Planning: Gathering Requirements2:14
    Planning: Requirements Attributes3:06
    Planning: Requirements Key Points2:54
    Planning: Requirements Document & Approval2:00
    Planning: Example – Buying Chairs1:32
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Requirements1:13
  • Planning: Solution

    Planning: The Solution Definition2:00
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Solution Definition0:45
  • Planning: Deliverables

    Planning: The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)2:14
    Planning: Examples – Aircraft, Shed, Supper, Standards, Process5:19
    Planning: WBS Process2:15
    Planning: WBS Key Points2:21
    Planning: WBS Methods4:55
    Planning: When To Break Down Deliverables Further6:29
    Planning: Relationship Of WBS & Requirements1:08
    Planning: The WBS Dictionary1:14
    Planning: Deliverables → Work Packages → Activities1:46
    Planning: WBS Drawing Tools0:28
    Planning: Why Not Use The Gantt Tool For The WBS?
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your WBS1:22
  • Planning: Logic

    Planning: The Precedence Diagram1:35
    Planning: Kinds Of Links, And Leads And Lags3:04
    Planning: Examples – Generic, Shed, Supper, Standards, Process5:41
    Planning: Precedence Diagram Process3:31
    Planning: Precedence Diagram Patterns1:36
    Planning: Precedence Diagram Drawing Tools0:41
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Precedence Diagram1:31
    Planning: Why Not Use The Gantt Tool For The Precedence Diagram?
  • Planning: Estimating

    Planning: Exercise: The Power Of Estimation0:58
    Planning: Estimating Methods3:08
    Planning: The Statistical Power Of Multiple Estimates2:41
    Planning: Activity Breakdown5:39
    Planning: Factoring For Productivity & Availability2:29
    Planning: An Estimating Spreadsheet1:04
    Planning: PERT & Straight 3-Point Techniques5:48
    Planning: The Delphi Technique3:22
    Planning: Handling Estimating Error2:16
    Planning: Exercise: Estimate Your Project0:48
  • Planning: Schedule

    Planning: The Gantt Chart2:45
    Planning: Example – Gantt Chart2:05
    Planning: The Critical Path1:51
    Planning: Critical Path Process3:04
    Planning: Example – Critical Path Process1:11
    Planning: Example – Forward Pass4:17
    Planning: Example – Backward Pass2:58
    Planning: Example – Critical Path With Float3:26
    Planning: Exercise: Baselining Your Schedule1:04
    Planning: The Schedule Milestones1:55
    Planning: Exercise: Setting Your Milestones0:58
  • Planning: Resources

    Planning: Resource Leveling3:00
    Planning: Resource Planning1:44
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Resource Plan1:06
  • Planning: Cost

    Planning: Estimating Cost2:01
    Planning: Cost Breakdown0:49
    Planning: Cost Accounts1:39
    Planning: The Project Cost Baseline0:53
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Cost0:45
  • Planning: Procurement

    Planning: Deciding To "Build Or Buy"3:15
    Planning: Procurement Documents1:57
    Planning: Contract Types2:54
    Planning: Selecting The Winner2:25
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Procurement Planning0:34
  • Planning: Risk

    Planning: Risk Management4:10
    Planning: Risk Planning2:19
    Planning: Risk Identification2:01
    Planning: Standard Risk Statement Form2:49
    Planning: Risk Qualification2:02
    Planning: Risk Quantification2:21
    Planning: Response Planning1:45
    Planning: Other Risk Elements1:37
    Planning: The Risk Register3:30
    Planning: Critical Chain Management2:55
    Planning: Risk Buffer Allocation1:24
    Planning: The Risk Reserve & Management Reserve1:44
    Planning: Opportunity Risks1:43
    Planning: Opportunity Planning1:59
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Risk Budget1:10
  • Planning: Communications

    Planning: Communications Planning1:51
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Communications Plan0:37
  • Planning: The Project Plan

    Planning: The Project Management Plan5:22
    Planning: Final Project Plan Review2:19
    Planning: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Plan0:45
  • Planning: Chapter Summary

    Planning: Summary Checklist10:27
  • Execution: Contents

    Execution: Contents Of Execution Chapter1:03
  • Execution: Introduction

    Execution: The Purpose Of Execution1:53
  • Execution: The Project Team

    Execution: Building The Project Team3:22
    Execution: Project Team Key Points3:45
    Execution: Functional Organizations0:40
    Execution: Projectized Organizations0:31
    Execution: Matrix Organizations1:17
    Execution: Management Of Matrix Organizations1:38
    Execution: Matrix Personnel Allocation2:20
    Execution: Delegation2:59
    Execution: Team Motivation2:29
    Execution: Managing People Conflict6:12
    Execution: Exercise: Gather The Project Team1:15
  • Execution: Communications

    Execution: Communication Modes2:15
  • Execution: First Steps

    Execution: Kickoff Meetings3:01
    Execution: Project Requirements Review (PRR)2:16
    Execution: Exercise: Take Project First Steps0:44
  • Execution: Design & Build

    Execution: Design Before Build2:10
    Execution: Exercise: Design & Build Your Project0:51
  • Execution: Problem Identification

    Execution: Finding Root Causes1:37
  • Execution: Chapter Summary

    Execution: Summary Checklist4:27
  • Monitoring & Control: Contents

    Monitoring & Control: Contents Of Monitoring & Control Chapter1:24
  • Monitoring & Control: Introduction

    Monitoring & Control: The Purpose Of Monitoring And Control2:21
    Monitoring & Control: Managing Expectations2:12
  • Monitoring & Control: The Weekly Heartbeat

    Monitoring-Weekly Heartbeat-03:14
    Monitoring & Control: Exercise: Organize Your Weekly Meeting0:46
  • Monitoring & Control: Managing Scope

    Monitoring & Control: Managing Scope Change2:18
    Monitoring & Control: Change Impact Analysis1:48
    Monitoring & Control: Change Approval8:23
    Monitoring & Control: Exercise: Organize Your Project Change Control1:13
  • Monitoring & Control: Managing Time

    Monitoring & Control: Schedule Statusing2:59
    Monitoring & Control: Managing Schedule2:35
    Monitoring & Control: Schedule Crashing & Fast-Tracking6:24
  • Monitoring & Control: Managing Cost

    Monitoring & Control: Cost Statusing1:09
    Monitoring & Control: Managing Cost2:39
  • Monitoring & Control: Managing Risk

    Monitoring & Control: Managing Risk8:22
  • Monitoring & Control: Earned Value Management (EVM)

    Monitoring & Control: EVM Overview2:37
    Monitoring & Control: EVM Metrics2:58
    Monitoring & Control: EVM Cost Projections2:22
    Monitoring & Control: EVM Schedule Projections2:26
    Monitoring & Control: EVM Meaning1:45
    Monitoring & Control: Example – EVM3:27
  • Monitoring & Control: Managing Quality

    Monitoring & Control: Quality, Deming, And Fit For Purpose5:24
    Monitoring & Control: Peer Reviews3:03
    Monitoring & Control: User Reviews2:37
    Monitoring & Control: User Review Management Tool4:59
  • Monitoring & Control: Problem Resolution

    Monitoring & Control: Solution Options2:44
    Monitoring & Control: Persuasion Techniques2:26
  • Monitoring & Control: The Monthly Heartbeat

    Monitoring & Control: Monthly Statusing3:02
    Monitoring & Control: One Page Monthly Report1:41
    Monitoring & Control: The Monthly Review3:27
    Monitoring & Control: Exercise: Organize Your Monthly Review1:16
  • Monitoring & Control: Chapter Summary

    Monitoring & Control: Summary Checklist5:46
  • Closing: Contents

    Closing: Contents Of Closing Chapter0:59
  • Closing: Introduction

    Closing: The Purpose Of Closing1:47
  • Closing: Procurement

    Closing: Contract Closure1:56
  • Closing: Acceptance

    Closing: Change Management2:25
    Closing: Scope Verification1:34
    Closing: Scenario Based Scope Verification1:40
    Closing: Practical Delivery Criteria1:55
    Closing: Transition To Operations1:01
    Closing: Exercise: Close Your Project Scope1:09
  • Closing: Lessons Learned

    Closing: The Lessons Learned Process2:21
  • Closing: Team Closure

    Closing: People Transition1:58
    Closing: The Project Celebration1:34
    Closing: Exercise: Manage Team Closure0:48
  • Closing: The Final Report

    Closing: The Project Final Report1:57
    Closing: Exercise: Finalize Your Final Report0:47
  • Closing: Chapter Summary

    Closing: Summary Checklist4:12

Deeply Practical Project Management (Earn 16 PDUs)

William Stewart

William Stewart PhD, PMP

4.5/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

William Stewart is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP), with more than 25 years of experience using the PMI processes to manage projects from $250K to $55M. He has delivered more than 200 onsite PM courses to more than 2,000 people. He has worked for large corporations, government, academia, and founded a software startup. He has in-depth experience with project management, risk management, systems integration, and software engineering.


This 8-hour course provides a deeply practical description of how to use the tried and true Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices to manage your projects through every stage of a project management lifecycle. First, it provides an overview of key project management concepts. Then, the project management processes are mapped across a timeline, and you explore the specific actions you need to take and the documentation you need to prepare at each step. The course is end-to-end, comprehensive, divided into more than 200 videos, and easy to understand.

4.5/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 209 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Efficiently plan your project & know the scope, schedule, budget, and risks before you start
  • Get stakeholder buy-in & senior management support at the beginning of your project, and maintain it throughout
  • Understand the use of software tools to support the processes
  • Understand the role & key skills of a project manager
"I am gaining the practical aspect of project management. this is one of the best examples of project management for new project managers. I will recommend any new project manager to buy this course to re-enforce his/her knowledge." – Khemis Richard R.


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  • Experience level required: all levels
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