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The Complete Python Masterclass 2022: Learn Python From Scratch
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 343 lectures & 34 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

343 Lessons (34h)

  • Your First Program
  • Python basics
    Installing Python & PyCharm6:04
    Hello World Program In Python8:06
    Some Other Mathematical Operations6:14
    Strings In python5:00
    Accepting Input From User In Python5:06
    Performing Operations On String5:25
    Variables In Python6:33
    In Place Operators In Python6:28
    Writing Our Very First Python Program In PyCharm4:27
    Coding Challenge7:31
    Notes & Summary
  • Control structures
    If Statement In Python8:32
    Elif Statement In Python5:37
    Lists In Pyton6:17
    List Operations8:32
    List Functions7:20
    Range Function5:10
    Range Function5:10
    For Loop8:35
    Boolean Logic5:57
    While Loop5:48
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Notes & Summary
  • Functions & Modules
    Code Reuse & Functions7:38
    Passing Arguments To Function6:28
    Making Function Return A Value4:37
    Passing Function As Argument5:19
    Modules In Python4:28
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Notes & Summary
  • Exception & File handling
    Errors & Exceptions7:59
    Exception Handling4:54
    Finally Block3:23
    File Handling6:43
    Reading From File6:04
    Writing Data To Files4:16
    Appending To File2:01
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Notes & Summary
  • Some More Types In Python
    Dictionary Functions5:38
    List Slicing5:19
    List Comprehension5:06
    String Formatting5:35
    String Functions7:57
    Numeric Functions2:45
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Notes & Summary
  • Functional Programming In Python
    Functional Programming6:34
    Lambdas In Python5:06
    Map In Python6:06
    Filters In Python4:00
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Notes & Summary
  • Object Oriented Programming In Python
    Introduction To Classes & Objects5:18
    Creating Class & Class Attributes6:54
    Instance Attributes, Constructors & Self11:11
    OOP Way Of Writing Code8:35
    Multiple Inheritance4:07
    Multilevel Inheritance3:21
    Recursion In Python7:07
    Operator Overloading In Python7:42
    Data Hiding In Python6:29
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Coding Challenge
    Coding Challenge Solution
    Notes & Summary
  • Regular Expressions In Python
    Introduction To Regular Expressions6:33
    Search & Find All5:03
    Find & Replace4:59
    The Dot Metacharacter3:33
    Caret & Dollar Metacharacter5:17
    Character Class6:03
    Star Metacharacter4:40
  • Create GUI Apps Using Tkinter
    Tkinter: Hello World7:09
    Tkinter: Using Frames5:43
    Tkinter: Grid Layout6:32
    Tkinter: Self Adjusting Widgets5:00
    Tkinter: Handling Button Clicks4:03
    Tkinter: Using Classes10:39
    Tkinter: Creating Dropdowns11:41
    Tkinter: Toolbar8:03
    Tkinter: Statusbar3:25
    Tkinter: Message Box4:36
    Tkinter: Drawing5:21
  • Project 1: Building Calculator Using Tkinter
    Building A Calculator App Part 112:12
    Building A Calculator App Part 26:27
    Building A Calculator App Part 34:57
    Building A Calculator App Part 410:08
  • Project 2: Building Database Apps With PostgreSQL & Python
    What Are Databases & Why Do We Need Them5:57
    Introduction To PostgreSQL2:35
    Installing PostgreSQL On Windows3:32
    Installing PostgreSQL On Mac4:25
    Creating A Database6:38
    Creating A Database Table5:31
    Reading From Database2:49
    Creating Development Environment On Mac8:00
    Installing Psycopg2 On Mac2:27
    Establishing Connection5:32
    Creating Table4:45
    Inserting Data4:16
    Adding User Data To Database4:47
    Building A Tkinter & PostgreSQL App Part 111:00
    Building A Tkinter & PostgreSQL App Part 37:43
    Building A Tkinter & PostgreSQL App Part 25:13
    Building A Tkinter & PostgreSQL App Part 413:03
    Building A Tkinter & PostgreSQL App Part 56:05
  • File Compression & Encoding In Python
    Performing Compression13:24
    Performing Decompression4:49
    Compression & Decompression Functions9:34
    Designing User Interface For Compression App12:54
    Compression Using GUI6:13
    Opening Files From Explorer6:20
  • Text To Speech Converter Using Python
    Text-To-Speech App Part 15:53
    Text-To-Speech App Part 25:55
    Text-To-Speech App Part 37:29
  • Implementing Password Hashing & Building A Password Validator
    Introduction To Hashing9:52
    Implementing Hashing In Python9:40
    Building User Interface For Password Validation9:13
  • Building A QR Code Generator With Python
    QR code Generator Part 18:54
    QR code Generator Part 28:48
  • Building A Video Downloader App
    Video Downloader App Part 18:32
    Video Downloader App Part 23:52
    Video Downloader App Part 33:12
    Video Downloader App Part 48:20
    Video Downloader App Part 53:44
    Video Downloader App Part 63:32
  • Credit Card Validation Using Lhun's Algorithm
    Lhun's Algorithm Part 18:36
    Lhun's Algorithm Part 212:06
    Lhun's Algorithm Part 39:48
  • Data Analysis With Python
    Introduction To Data Analysis7:05
    Installing Anaconda5:26
    Introduction To Series8:03
    Converting Dictionaries To Series3:31
    Introduction To Dataframe6:28
    Changing Column Sequence6:53
    Transposing A Dataframe5:35
    Reindexing Series & Dataframes7:50
    Deleting Rows & Columns4:12
    Arithmetic Operations8:43
    new python data analysis part_107:23
    Dataframe Arithmatic5:42
    Sorting According To Values3:11
    Handling Duplicate Values2:54
    Calculating Sum3:29
    Dropping NaN Values5:33
    Loading Data From Files4:57
    Creating Numpy Array3:21
    Another Way To Create An Array4:11
    Logspace & Linspace4:01
    Slicing Numpy Array7:01
    Advanced Indexing9:16
    Analyzing File Data7:41
    Iterating Using NdIter3:23
  • Project 3: Sales Data Analysis Using Python & Pandas
    Reading From CSV File3:19
    Changing Themes3:39
    Indexing & Slicing A DataFrame9:39
    Selecting Rows On A Condition8:07
    Query Method6:36
    SUM, MAX, MIN7:08
    Calculating Location Share11:04
    data analysis part 9 6:53
    Analyzing Members & Ratings6:13
    Writing Multiple Queries16:25
    Analyzing Daily Sales8:40
    Analyzing Sales By Month3:46
    Analyzing Sales By Hour4:10
    Analyzing Payment Types VS Hours3:46
  • Building Web Applications With Django 3
    Introduction To Django6:30
    Installing Django On Windows2:52
    Installing Django On Mac2:12
    Creating Django Project On Windows7:04
    Creating Django Project On Mac3:50
    Understanding Significance Of Files6:45
    Running Django Project On Windows5:30
    Running Django Project On Mac4:32
    Creating A View8:36
    Creating Another View4:12
    What is a Database6:00
    Creating A Model4:10
    Making Migrations3:00
    Adding Objects To Database11:10
    Admin Panel8:40
    Passing Objects4:09
    Passing Context6:42
    Detail View Part 19:18
    Detail View Part 25:08
    Detail View Part 36:06
    Removing Hardcoded URLs4:53
    URLs For Myapp5:30
    Namespacing URLs5:29
    Adding Static Files9:08
    Adding Bootstrap8:02
    Using Base Template10:38
    Adding Image Field11:08
    Retrieving Images3:31
    Adding Own Images3:12
    Adding HTML Form8:53
    Submitting Data To Database10:04
    Edit Part 19:56
    Fixing Issues & Edit10:46
    Update Button2:40
    Delete Functionality11:07
    Design Touch up Index9:48
    Design Touch up Detail3:45
  • Building A Todo Web App With Django 3
    How To Go From Idea To App9:49
    Installing Virtualenv7:24
    Setting Up The Project3:15
    Creating Model6:22
    Form View & Template6:53
    Handling Post Rrequest5:45
    Adding Bootstrap10:05
    Read Functionality8:29
    Two Functionalities On Same Page4:37
    Styling Part 19:23
    Styling Part 22:16
    Styling Part 36:15
    Delete Functionality9:43
    Add Functionality9:34
    Edit Funcctionality12:15
    Introduction To Class Based Views3:53
  • Project 5: Build REST API's With Python & Django
    Introduction To REST API6:00
    Creating A REST API20:35
    Creating Endpoints For API8:37
    Adding Image Field10:34
    Filtering An API7:40
    Search Functionality4:10
    Adding Authentication15:33
  • Project 6: Learn How To Crawl Websites Using Python
    Web Crawler Part 16:23
    Web Crawler Part 25:39
    Web Crawler Part 34:56
    Web Crawler Part 55:13
    Web Crawler Part 67:25
    Web Crawler Part 73:50
    Web Crawler Part 87:54
    Web Crawler Part 95:18
    Web Crawler Part 105:25
    Web Crawler Part 114:22
    Web Crawler Part 124:21
    Web Crawler Part 137:03
    Web Crawler Part 146:27
    Web Crawler Part 155:11
    Web Crawler Part 165:34
    Web Crawler Part 175:52
    Web Crawler Part 186:23
    Web Crawler Part 196:12
    Web Crawler Source Code
  • Automation Using Selenium Web Driver & Python
    Introduction To Selenium2:00
    Installing Selenium3:46
    Opening A URL3:21
    Automating Google Search7:03
    Find Element By XPATH4:12
    Clicking Links5:19
    Refreshing A Webpage2:27
    Using Forward & Backward Buttons3:07
    Scroll & Get Current URL4:45
    Building A Facebook Auto Poster Bot13:23
  • Network Programming In Python Using Sockets
    IP Address14:04
    Ports & Sockets12:29
    Creating The Client & Server14:09
    Sending A Message7:52
    Messaging App7:58
    Sending Messages To Client10:01
    Send Message Functionality9:45
    Finishing The App8:58
  • Image Processing With OpenCV & Python
    Introduction To OpenCV2:52
    Installing OpenCV2:41
    Reading & Displaying Images11:12
    Getting Video Form Webcam7:34
    Drawing On Images12:38
    Mouse Callback Events9:00
    Manipulating Pixels10:43
    Color Space4:59
    Object Tracking In Images14:07
    Tracking Objects In A video5:50
    Image Thresholding7:05
    Simple Thresholding6:20
    Adaptive Thresholding4:16
    Adaptive Thresholding Code6:14
    Geometric Transformation Of Images8:39
    Scaling & Transformation11:50
    Image Blurring5:48
    Image Blurring Code5:08
    Gaussian Filtering3:41
  • Regular Expressions Revisited
    Regular Expressions Part 16:52
    Regular Expressions Part 18:27
    Introduction To Metacharacters3:37
    Star Metacharacter2:20
    Plus Metacharacter1:52
    Plus Metacharacter2:16
    Curly Braces1:48
    Curly Braces Example3:23
    Wildcard Introduction1:36
    Wildcard Example3:33
    Optional Metacharacter2:31
    Caret Metacharacter3:38
    Character Classes Part 14:59
    Character Classes Part 25:00
  • REST APIs With Python & Django Rest Framework
    Introduction To API10:39
    Installing Django Rest Framework4:07
    Creating Django App7:47
    Setting Up The API10:42
    Creating A Serializer7:53
    Adding Another Endpoint4:49
    Update & Delete Functionality4:38
    Adding Images To API11:17
    Making The API Consumable5:53
    Creating React App12:00
    Using API In React App7:45

The Complete Python Masterclass 2022: Learn Python From Scratch

Ashutosh Pawar

Ashutosh Pawar | Entrepreneur, Python, Java & Android Geek

4.5/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Ashutosh Pawar is the director of Optimum Solutions, a software firm based in Pune India which works in providing software solutions to small and medium enterprises across the globe and has catered to over 200+ clients globally. He holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology (Computer Science) Engineering and has over 8+ years of developing scalable software infrastructure across multiple domains which include real estate, medicine & finance. Along with being a businessperson, he always had a passion for teaching and his goal is to pass on his knowledge to his students and empower them to achieve their goals in the IT sector.


In this hands-on course, you will learn Python right starting from scratch to the level where you can build almost anything with it, be it a fully functional database-oriented web application or an automation tool. This course will teach you Python right from scratch from a very basic level and will gradually move you towards more advanced topics. It will not just cover all the Python basics but also the most popular Python libraries such as Django, Flask, Tkinter & Selenium.

4.5/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 343 lectures & 34 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn the latest version of Python (i.e Python 3)
  • Learn the latest Django version (i.e Django 3)
  • Understand & learn each and every Python concept
  • Automate social media posts using Selenium
  • Make Web-Applications using Python
  • Make GUI based Applications in Python using Tkinter
  • Make full-stack web apps using Python and Django 3
  • Process images & videos using OpenCV
  • Make your own web-scraping tool using Python
  • Build database oriented desktop apps with Python, PostgreSQL & Tkinter


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels
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  • Any device with basic specifications


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